Non-Family Members Eligible for Wrongful Death Claims in Ohio

The Supreme Court of Ohio has determined that persons acting in loco parentis (that is, persons acting as caretakers - which presumably would include step-parents who have assumed the role of a parent) for a child whose death has resulted from another's negligence are permitted to join a wrongful death suit only where the following four tests are met by clear and convincing evidence:

1.   The natural parents of the child have disclaimed or abandoned parental rights to the child;

2.   The one claiming to be a parent has performed the obligations of parenthood for a substantial period of time;

3.   The child and the one claiming to be parent have held themselves out to be parent and child for a substantial period of time; and

4.   The relationship between the child and the one claiming to be parent has been publicly recognized.

Lawson v. Atwood, 42 Ohio St.3d 69, 536 N.E.2d 1167 (1989).  

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