Injury on Homeowner's Property

Slip and fall cases always some sort of hazardous condition which causes you injury.  If you were injured on a homeowner's property, whether in the yard, on the sidewalk, the driveway, or in their home, they may be liable for your injuries.  A homeowner is not automatically liable for every injury that occurs on their property, however.  If the thing that caused your injury was out in the open, and it was obvious that it was there then you will be precluded from recovering any damages because you should have seen the danger yourself and avoided it.  However in the instances where the danger was not obvious, and you were injured, then many times the homeowner's insurance policy will provide for this kind of occurrence and you will need to sue the homeowner in order to get at their insurance policy.  If you've been injured and had to be medically treated or had other damages as a result of a danger on a homeowner's property, then you should contact an attorney at Harris & Engler by filling out this brief intake survey.

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