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 If you have tripped or otherwise been injured because of dangerous conditions on a business premises, you may be entitled to receive compensation for your injuries.  In the case of a business premises, generally one of the following three conditions must be true in order to recover for your injuries:

  • The owner of the business premises, or an employee working at the business caused the spill or dangerous condition
  • The owner of the business or an employee on the business premises knew of the dangerous condition and did not do anything about it
  • The owner of the business or an employee on the business premises should have known of the dangerous condition

The most litigated factor is usually that the owner or employee "should have known" about the dangerous condition.  Proving this entails showing what a reasonable person standing in the shoes of the business owner or employee would have done.  

Even if one of the above factors are met, if the dangerous condition was out in the open and was obviously there, or obviously dangerous, then you may be precluded from recovering for your injuries whether in your you actually in fact saw the open and obvious condition.

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