Compensation for Personal Injuries from Auto Accidents in Ohio

There is a vast range of possibilities for what you might receive as compensation for personal injuries from your car accident.  First and foremost, your compensation will be dependent on the severity of your injuries.  If you complain of injuries and never went to the hospital or saw a doctor, you are not likely to collect very much for your injuries.  If you did not think enough of your injuries to see a doctor, a jury would not think much of awarding you damages for your injuries.  On the other hand, if your injuries are severe and have greatly impacted your life then you would likely stand to collect a lot of money in compensation. 

Compensation Depends on Type and Severity of Injury

The exact type of injury that you sustained can have a tremendous impact on the compensation that will be available to you.  Some injuries may not manifest themselves for a few days after the accident or even a few weeks.  No matter the particular type of injury, if it has greatly affected your life and your ability to do certain things you will be entitled to compensation for it.  For example, if you had previously enjoyed playing softball, and you suffered an injury in your throwing shoulder as a result of a car accident, you may be entitled to an award of damages for no longer being able to take part in an activity that you had previously enjoyed.  


Generally, if you have been in an auto accident that caused you physical injury you will be entitled to damages for your out of pocket medical expenses, cost of necessary medical treatments in the future, pain and suffering, lost wages, and loss of consortium (if as a result of your injuries you have been unable to fulfill your spousal duties).  If there was a death as a result of an auto accident, then the surviving loved ones of the deceased can bring a wrongful death lawsuit.  


Insurance companies know that you need the money and will offer you a small settlement, which you may be tempted to accept depending on how great the need.  By getting a personal injury attorney involved in your case, you are ensuring that you are truly being compensated for all possible damages to which you are entitled to compensation (including future lost wages); and you are ensuring yourself a better footing in negotiating a settlement.  When you have an attorney on your side it forces the insurance company to deal with you fairly.  An attorney can bring your claims in a court of law and let a jury decide how much compensation is fair for you, if the insurance company is otherwise unwilling to resolve the situation fairly outside of court.

Ohio Personal Injury Compensation Attorneys

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