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When you are looking for a personal injury attorney who will do you right, you are generally looking for a few things: an experienced personal injury attorney, an attorney who focuses on your particular wants and needs, an attorney who you can actually directly talk to about your case rather than other law firm staff, and an attorney dedicated toward obtaining the best result possible for you.  The attorneys at Harris & Engler are experienced personal injury attorneys with offices located in Columbus, Ohio, helping clients all across Ohio, and who are dedicated toward obtaining the best results possible for their clients, being available to their clients, and obtaining results that meet client's specific needs.

What Kind of Personal Injury Case Do You Have?

Most personal injury lawsuits are initiated under the legal tort of negligence.  Generally, when a person takes an action that causes harm to another person or property, and they do not have a viable legal excuse for taking that injurious action, then they are answerable in a legal action for all the harm that directly and naturally resulted from their actions. Negligence is usually the legal cause of action used to hold those accountable for their actions that cause harm to others (civilly).  

Burden of Proof for Personal Injury Action

In a civil case, the Plaintiff has the burden to prove their case.  In a civil case, the level of the burden of proof is known as a "preponderance of the evidence."  In a criminal case, the State has the burden of proving that the Defendant was guilty "beyond a reasonable doubt," which is a much tougher standard than by a preponderance of the evidence.

In a civil case, the Plaintiff must prove that the Defendant is liable by a preponderance of the evidence.  A preponderance of the evidence means more likely than not, or really, proof by at least 51%.

Hurt in An Accident?

If you were hurt in a car accident or otherwise, then as soon as you are physically able to do so it is best to contact a personal injury attorney in order to make sure that you are properly compensated for your injuries.  You can call an attorney at Harris & Engler today at (614) 610-9988.

Obtain the Best Results for Your Car Accident Injury Claim

Get a Car Accident Injury Attorney to Deal with Insurance Adjusters

Insurance adjusters can be friendly, but they are ultimately paid to get you to walk away from your car accident claim for as little money as possible.  Insurance adjusters have different norms in each different jurisdiction for what kind of settlement offers they give.  The personal injury attorneys at Harris & Engler have built a reputation for providing the best possible service to clients in the Columbus and greater central Ohio region (including Delaware County, Union County, Licking County, and Fairfield County).  A personal injury attorney at Harris & Engler best knows how insurance adjusters operate in Columbus and Central Ohio, knows how the courts in Columbus and Central Ohio operate, and know the law that will affect your potential damages recovery.

Get the Best Personal Injury Attorney for Your Injury Case in Columbus

The best attorney for your personal injury case is a lawyer who knows the local laws and intricacies of your jurisdiction so that they can force a high settlement on the insurance company or take your case to trial in order to get you the best possible recovery. 

Many insurance companies are publicly owned companies with their shares traded on the stock market.  When a company has their shares traded on the stock market, they have a legal obligation to maximize profit to their shareholders.  In turn, this means that insurance companies will try to pay you as little as possible. 

If you are trying to deal with the insurance company yourself - perhaps because you do not want to split up the recovery with a personal injury attorney and their contingency fee - then you are at a strong disadvantage.  If you've been injured in an auto accident in Columbus, you've probably never had to negotiate with your insurance company before in order to get compensated for your injuries.  Insurance adjusters negotiate settlements all day every day.  It is in your best interest to get an attorney in your corner who knows the local laws and can apply those laws to the facts of your injury case in order to obtain the best possible settlement.

Attorney Fees for an Auto Accident

If you want the best possible results for your auto accident claim, your best chance to get the best result is with a local personal injury attorney.  For personal injury cases, the law firm of Harris & Engler is only paid on a contingency basis.  That means that you do not pay for any attorney fees unless you win a judgment or a settlement award.  Then the attorney fees simply come out of your total award as a percentage.  You are not paying anything out of pocket for your attorney fees - and you do not pay any attorney fees if you do not win or settle your case.  By hiring a local personal injury attorney you have nothing to lose and quite a bit to gain.

Your best chance at getting the most money for your injuries is through trusting your case with an attorney experienced in car accident injury cases in Columbus and Central Ohio and experienced in getting clients the best compensation award possible. 

Detailed Personal Attention for Your Personal Injury Case

The law firm of Harris & Engler receives referrals for those injured by auto accidents mostly from former clients or other attorneys who have worked with our firm.  This is because the client comes first at Harris & Engler.  The attorneys at Harris & Engler put the clients' needs of utmost importance and spend the time necessary to build the best case possible before moving forward with settlement negotiations or a lawsuit.  The attention to detail gets better results and leaves our clients happy.

If You've Been Injured In an Auto Accident In Columbus, Ohio, Call Harris & Engler

If you've been injured in a car accident in the Columbus or greater Central Ohio area, then one of the best decisions you can make is to give a local personal injury attorney a call in order to get an experienced guide through the process to recovery.  You can reach a personal injury attorney at the law firm of Harris & Engler by calling (614) 610-9988.


What To Expect After Filing a Personal Injury Claim After a Car Accident in Ohio

Personal injury claims as a result of car accidents often do not get resolved quickly.  If you are seriously injured and are seeking a sizable damages award, it could take years before you finally receive a settlement or other resolution.  This is partially because it is often advisable to work on healing your body and finding out the full extent of your injuries before explore the option of resolving your personal injury claim.  You do not truly know how much your personal injury claim is worth until you understand how long it is going to take you to recover from your injuries.  If you've been injured in an accident in Ohio, and you want to talk to a personal injury accident attorney, then you can call Harris & Engler at (614) 610-9988.

You Will Lose Your Privacy

If you are seeking a sizable personal injury claim, you should be prepared to lose privacy in many areas that you never necessarily would have expected.  First of all, if you are claiming certain kinds of injuries, the insurance company that is potentially paying you a lot of money for your injuries may hire a private investigator to follow you and see if you're really injured.  Furthermore, if you file a lawsuit, the defense attorney has the right to ask you many invasive questions and you must provide an answer.  You may have to provide information about your entire medical history, list any prescriptions that you are taking, provide employment records for the past several years, provide your tax returns, and answer other personal questions.  These kinds of things are fairly standard for sizeable personal injury cases in Ohio.

Talk to an Ohio Car Accident Personal Injury Attorney

If you would like to speak to an attorney about your accident, please call Harris & Engler at (614) 610-9988.  The law firm of Harris & Engler is located in Columbus, Ohio.  The personal injury attorneys at Harris & Engler help clients all across Central Ohio.

Passengers Who Are Hurt In Car Accidents in Ohio

If you were a passenger and were injured in an automobile accident you may have multiple possible legal remedies in order to collect compensation for your injuries.  If there were multiple cars in the accident, then surely one of those drivers was at fault.  The passenger could collect from the at-fault driver, even if that driver was in the same car as the passenger.  If your claim is worth more than the value of insurance of the at-fault driver, then you could collect the remainder under the other driver's uninsured/underinsured motorist coverage.  If you were injured as a passenger in a car accident in Ohio, then you should talk to your own personal injury attorney.

However, if you live in the same household or are in a close family relationship with the driver who caused the accident, then you would not be able to file a 'liability' claim under that driver's insurance because, because you would be a covered participant of that insurance.  However, most plans provide for medical payments, and therefore, you could still be compensated for your injuries.  In all other cases, as an injured passenger in a car accident, you may have the option of going after multiple different insurance companies, depending on who was at fault in the accident.

Attorney for Passengers Injured in Car Accidents in Ohio

Contact an attorney at Harris & Engler to discuss the best ways to recover for your injuries by calling (614) 610-9988.  The law firm of Harris & Engler is located in Columbus, Ohio.  The personal injury attorneys at Harris & Engler help passengers who were injured in auto accidents in Columbus, greater Franklin County, Delaware County, Union County, and Fairfield County, among other areas of greater Central Ohio.  

Columbus Personal Injury Attorney

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