The Wrongful Death Lawsuits At Mount Carmel Health System in Ohio

Since the news came out about nearly 30 patients at Mount Carmel being administered lethal doses of Fentanyl or other drugs there have been a large number of wrongful death and survivorship lawsuits filed against Mount Carmel, Dr. Husel, and other Mount Carmel employees that may be implicated.

What Are The Mount Carmel Wrongful Death Lawsuits Alleging?

Most of the wrongful death and survivorship claim lawsuits being filed against Mount Carmel have a few things in common:

  • Most of the lawsuits involve a patient who was brought to the ICU in a severe condition
  • Some of the cases have the doctor asking the patient's family if they want to remove life support
  • Most of the families that removed life support did so with the understanding that the patient would die naturally after removing life support
  • What those families did not know, as it is alleged, is that Dr. Husel then allegedly administered a fatal dose of Fentanyl or combination of Fentanyl and other drugs
  • Most of the patients died within just a few minutes of being administered a fatal dose of Fentanyl
  • It is alleged in the Mount Carmel lawsuits that the families never knew that the patient was being administered a fatal dose of drugs - they thought the patient died naturally after being removed from life support
  • Most of the families did not know or maybe never would have known that their family member had been given a fatal dose of Fentanyl until they were contacted by a member of Mount Carmel administration and told what happened

What Legal Claims Are Being Brought Against Mount Carmel For What Happened?

  • Most of the Mount Carmel lawsuits are alleging that the hospital's electronic medical records system should have flagged that a prescription for Fentanyl in an amount that if given to a person would kill them, but the electronic medical records system either did not flag the fatal dose, or it flagged the fatal dose and was ignored
  • The Mount Carmel lawsuits are also alleging that all the hospital staff in the chain of receiving and administering the fatal prescription dose may be responsible.  This includes that the pharmacist should have known that these were fatal doses and questioned or done something and the nurses who actually administered the Fentanyl should have known it was a fatal dose and done or said something

If a loved one or family member has been contacted by Mount Carmel or you suspect that they may have been a victim of a fatal overdose, then you should contact a wrongful death attorney.  You can contact a wrongful death attorney at Harris & Engler by calling (614) 610-9988.

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