Personal Injury from Car Accidents in Ohio

When you've been injured in an accident, it is best to find your own personal injury attorney based on who you think would be a good fit for you and your needs.  The best personal injury attorney for your needs will generally have the experience to know how to move your case forward to get the best results possible and a lawyer who will put in the time necessary to get the best results.


In Ohio, the statute of limitations for personal injuries is two years.  This means that you have to either settle your personal injury case or file a lawsuit wthin two years from the date of the accident or you will be forever barred from bringing a lawsuit for your personal injury damages.  While two years is not a very long time, you should not necessarily sign up with the first personal injury attorney that you come across to handle your case.  Right after your accident, you should be focusing on getting better, not on finding an attorney.  If you were injured in a car accident in Central Ohio, then you've probably received a bunch of mail pamphlets or text messages from personal injury attorneys.  You will genearlly be better off in picking your own car accident personal injury lawyer based on whether you like and get along with that lawyer, and whether you think that lawyer is going to put in the time and effort necessary to get you the best results for your case.


If you would like to see if our law firm is a good fit to handle your personal injury case, then we encourage you to give one of the attorneys at Harris & Engler a call.  The attorneys at Harris & Engler are experienced personal injury attorneys who only take on a selective case load of personal injury cases so that they can put in the time necessary to properly handle the case and get the best possible results.

Columbus Personal Injury Attorney

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