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When you are looking for a personal injury attorney who will do you right, you are generally looking for a few things: an experienced personal injury attorney, an attorney who focuses on your particular wants and needs, an attorney who you can actually directly talk to about your case rather than other law firm staff, and an attorney dedicated toward obtaining the best result possible for you.  The attorneys at Harris & Engler are experienced personal injury attorneys with offices located in Columbus, Ohio, helping clients all across Ohio, and who are dedicated toward obtaining the best results possible for their clients, being available to their clients, and obtaining results that meet client's specific needs.

What Kind of Personal Injury Case Do You Have?

Most personal injury lawsuits are initiated under the legal tort of negligence.  Generally, when a person takes an action that causes harm to another person or property, and they do not have a viable legal excuse for taking that injurious action, then they are answerable in a legal action for all the harm that directly and naturally resulted from their actions. Negligence is usually the legal cause of action used to hold those accountable for their actions that cause harm to others (civilly).  

Burden of Proof for Personal Injury Action

In a civil case, the Plaintiff has the burden to prove their case.  In a civil case, the level of the burden of proof is known as a "preponderance of the evidence."  In a criminal case, the State has the burden of proving that the Defendant was guilty "beyond a reasonable doubt," which is a much tougher standard than by a preponderance of the evidence.

In a civil case, the Plaintiff must prove that the Defendant is liable by a preponderance of the evidence.  A preponderance of the evidence means more likely than not, or really, proof by at least 51%.

Hurt in An Accident?

If you were hurt in a car accident or otherwise, then as soon as you are physically able to do so it is best to contact a personal injury attorney in order to make sure that you are properly compensated for your injuries.  You can call an attorney at Harris & Engler today at (614) 610-9988.

Columbus Personal Injury Attorney

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